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All Good Stories

Title : All Good Stories
Release Date : April 19, 2011
Label :
Format : CD



1. A Fortune I Forget
2. Wake Up (feat. Megan McNeil)
3. Youngstown Tune-Up
4. Speak of the Devil
5. 1985
6. My Friend
7. Everyday
8. All Good Stories
9. Buried Below
10. I Owe Everyone

All Good Stories is an acoustic solo set of songs written over the course of two years since the release of Weeks, Months, Years.

During that time, McMahon faced many losses of family and friends. This album is another honest raw set of performances about life, love and losing loved ones. Each song is a story about a person whose life story deserved to be written regardless of whether they lived their life for good or bad or somewhere in between. A life lesson is to be learned by each and every one.

The album artwork is a constantly changing piece of art in itself. Each re-issue of the album will feature new pictures and stories. To submit a story and photo for consideration, send a hi res photo and the story that goes along with it to

The album includes the song “Wake Up”, featuring Megan McNeil, a friend, champion and cancer-fighting teen who lost her battle with cancer in January of 2011. Megan fought to raise awareness for childhood cancer since 2007 with her song, “The Will To Survive”.

Partial proceeds from the sale of “All Good Stories” will be donated to The James Fund and BC Childhood Cancer Parents’ Association. Megan supported both charities and their contributions to rare childhood cancer research.

Thank you for joining the fight.