July 17, 2017

Song Shelter Recordings

After Lion Bear Fox wrapped the very expensive and intense recording sessions for their self-titled debut album, I wanted to retreat from high-end recording in every way.

What better way to do that than to hole-up in my workshop garage and utilize my extremely limited knowledge and tools??!

I wanted to have fun. I wanted to experiment and I wanted it to be okay to be bad. Song Shelter Recordings is 5 songs and recording it was a fun exercise.

Drum machines, electric guitars, vitamins as percussion, and weird overdubs. I got to do it all because nobody was there to tell me no.

For better or for worse.

Key Tracks:

Driveway” – A Canadian road/love song about the simple joy of returning home to those you care about most.  Guest appearances by Charlottetown, the prairies and Kelowna.

Somehow or Some Way” – Winnipeg-written lyrics about the world on fire.  A reminder that we’re all in this together and that the bulk of us are doing the best that we can.

Movie” – as much fun as I’ve ever had by myself with my pants still on.  Recording this song was basically 6.5 hours of me talking to myself, laughing alone and singing at the top of my register, all the while hoping my neighbours wouldn’t hear the insanity ringing throughout the cul de sac.