August 1, 2023

Sometimes Life’s Amazing

Sometimes Life’s Amazing (SLA) Pre-Save/Sale Available Now

Ryan McMahon releases third single, Sometimes Life’s Amazing, from upcoming album Live Now due out by late fall.

Sometimes life’s amazing or it’s a maze that I’m lost in. Truer words have never been spoken. New video features the maze of touring and epic moments with fans, family and new friends.


The album is set to release on Friday, November 10th with the pre-sale of vinyl on September 15th.

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Join us in the excitement as we release the 7th studio album by Ryan McMahon. Find discography here.

In the meantime, enjoy listening to the new single and share your epic moments – LISTEN HERE.

Sometimes Life's Amazing album cover and new single coming soon.

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Rolling around this town

This predictable old grid

Listening to Lucinda in the middle of a fit

temper, temper I gotta remember to keep that cooler head

‘cause sometimes life’s amazing or it’s a maze that I’m lost in

Tried to do it right

But I held the stick too tight

You wouldn’t believe the things that I’ve seen so far

Now all of the days & ways that I’ve changed seems to hit me once again

That sometimes life’s amazing or it’s a maze that I’m lost in

I don’t wanna complain but I might have a favour

Could you help me once again

I don’t wanna remain

Just a part of the rain

That’s falling on your head

Rolling around this town still searching for the truth

Taking the pain I’m gonna put it away for good

It’s ok to maybe take the day & just skip right ’til the end

‘cause sometimes life’s amazing or it’s a maze that I’m lost in

Sometimes life’s amazing

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