January 4, 2022

One More Fire – One Month Away

We’re sitting one month away from a really important song in the lineage of my career.

Some close to me who’ve heard it have called it a real departure from my roots; others have said it’s all ‘Ryan.’  I’m not here to judge that either way, because to me, we’ve created a rollicking, optimistic little tune in a time of darkness & uncertainty.  It sounds like summer while we’re sitting here in the midst of a current West Coast deep freeze.  I close my eyes in the choruses, and picture long prairie drives on tour, both with my bandmates, and all by my lonesome.

Anyway, we’re one month away from putting this little number out, and I’m proud of it.  Country, rock, roots, folk… whatever ya call it;)

Light me one more fire
sing a song of another time
tomorrow’s on my mind
what’s ahead of me is better than what’s behind